Glen Tarken Walk - NB CHANGE OF SCENE from the Sma' Glen

Thursday 21 September - 10:00am
Meet at 10am at the laybys opposite the Four Seasons Hotel, St Fillans

Max Penfold writes: The walk starts at the way marker at the Four Seasons Hotel. We climb up to the old railway line and head west towards Loch Earnhead. This part of the walk is quite level and passes through mixed woodland; the old railway journey from Loch Earnhead to St Fillans must have been visually interesting as we pass under and over some pretty substantial bridges..  Underfoot can be muddy in places so boots are recommended. 

We leave the railway after 2.7kilometrs and head up the hill on a landcover track where there is a signpost indicating St Fillans via Glen Tarken. The rest of the walk is on landcover tracks which makes for easy walking but can be muddy in places.
There is a steady climb up to a height of about 300 metres where there is a way marker indicating we should take a right turn down to the burn. The burn is about half way and a good place for lunch. 

There is no bridge at this crossing; if we consider to be unsafe we can retrace our steps picking up a track that leads across the hill down through Glen Tarken Wood back to our start. We have trailed this track which is muddy in places; it is way marked though some of the markers are a bit unorthodox. As the ford over the burn is slightly less than half way the walk is only slightly less than the full circuit.

Assuming a successful crossing,  there is a steady climb for about 1.5 kilometres were we reach another way marker indicating we join a track and turn right. We follow this track climbing to the highest point of the walk about 450 metres prior to a long meandering descent down to St Fillans. The prevailing winds are usually westerly and this part of the walk lies in the lee of Creag Meacan. The route is waymarked circular and takes us back to St Fillans.

There are public toilets close to where we will be parking. There is a reasonable tearoom at the village shop. The route card indicates that the walk is 9.62 kilometres and will take 2 hours 38 minutes; this is with no stops and I would guess we will be looking at about 3 hours and 20 to 30 minutes. 

One last thing I should share with you is I get back from Spain on the 20th which if the flights go well should be no problem.

If you would like to join this walk please let Maureen Mitchell know on